Arrival to the Land of Kiwis and Tent Times

I’ve really been putting off this post. As much as I thought I would be excited to take pictures and post about them before I left for NZ, I’ve found that since being here that’s actually one of the last things I want to do. Mainly because I feel like my images are not giving this area justice but I've also been dreading the thought of writing up this post because that requires me to sit behind my computer instead of being outside and taking in all this beautiful Kiwi air.

After arriving in Auckland late at night, we woke up early the next morning to try and knock out all of the more boring/annoying things that had to be done upon arrival (aka. finding a car, setting up a bank account, etc.) We spent several HOURS walking in circles and got absolutely nothing accomplished. Long story short, we did finally stop walking in circles, ended up renting an awesome beater car decked out with camping gear and I STILL have not solved my international banking issues (le sigh). 


We spent the next few nights camping at an awesome little reserve called Tawharanui (pr. Ta-phra-nui), where rolling hills of sheep met mini rocky, crescent-moon beaches, and lots of little birds. It was here that we snuck in our first small surf session at Comets Rock. 

Along with taking a few photos and videos on this trip I’ve decided to start taking (almost) daily sound clips of the things Chris and I are experiencing and our random conversations with each other.  Enjoy.