Overdosing on Sugar and these Banana Oat Squares

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I had a pretty bad hangover the other day. . . 

from overdosing on sugar. It freakin' sucked! Nausea, pounding headache, grogginess. All of those same symptoms you're graced with the morning after you hit the bottle too hard were the same symptoms I had from eating "healthy". 

Have you ever started eating food that was under the guise of "healthy"? Only to realize that "healthy" was actually loaded with sugar? 

Now, don't get me wrong. If I wanna indulge in some sugary sweets, I will (duh, hence this blog), knowing that what I'm putting in my body is sugary sweets and that I should limit the amount of it I eat.

However, it really twists my whiskers that food companies are creating these so called healthy foods that are actually loaded with hidden sugars. So here I am stuffing my face with "healthy granola bars" only to find that, hold on, there's actually about 15 grams of sugar per serving. Oh snap, every "healthy" thing I ate today was actually all just processed crap food. WTF. *Cue sugar hangover. 

All I'm asking is that why can't the healthy labels actually be healthy and not super saturated with refined sugars so that I can save my refined sugar intake for dessert?

End rant.

So, in order to push back a little I've created these banana oat squares for a healthier midweek snack. 

Banana Oat Squares 1

They turned out surprisingly fluffier than I anticipated (prob. due to the white flour).  Now, I just used what I had in the pantry but I think next time I will totally replace the white flour with coconut or almond flour. 

There is no added sugar in these bars but you will need to have a look at the type of peanut butter you use to see how much hidden sugars might be lurking there. I like to use natural, organic pb and I've actually just found out its pretty easy to make if you've got a super powerful blender (This recipe is for almond butter but you get the point).

*Note: The pb used in this recipe was more on the oily side, as in you need to stir it before using. A drier pb could yield a denser, drier oat cake. 

Banana Oat Squares 2

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Let's save the sugar for dessert and other times of splurge, not for when we're trying to be good!

That's why I'll be pumping out a few more weekday snacks to help you (and me) kick those other convenient "healthy" but nasty foods to the curb!

Banana Oat Squares Recipe

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