It's about damn time

Yes, I realize that there has been a huge lull in my blog posts. This is due to a series of unfortunate events that began with my hard drive crashing and ended (so far) with my laptop getting rained on. Luckily, all my files were saved but unfortunately I lost all my software and am currently operating off a trial version of photoshop :(.

Back to the cool stuff. So the first few photos were taken in Piha directly west of Auckland and apparently the most dangerous beach in New Zealand. 

After Piha we trekked it on down to the Taranaki area where the surf has been plentiful. So plentiful and awesome in fact that we've put off leaving 3 times now. One of these days we will make it to the South Island but for now we're pretty content.  

 Multi-tasking, doing the dishes while sneaking in a little surf check. 

Multi-tasking, doing the dishes while sneaking in a little surf check. 

About a week after arriving into the area Chris and I stumbled upon a retro twin fin surf contest going on at one of the local beach breaks. The "Tinnies and Twinnies Contest" (tinnies meaning beer that comes in a can) was basically just an excuse for all the locals to get dressed up in their most retro attire, pound down some sausages and beer, and just enjoy a fun day with friends at the beach. Chris entered and we ended up meeting some pretty awesome people. 

We finally did manage to write up a few postcards for the fam back home . . .

Have I mentioned the number of farm animals here well outnumber the people?

Also, remember that Rummy Card game from my first post? Well that has turned into a ruthless ongoing game which won't come to it's conclusion until the end of our trip. Currently, it's neck and neck and our points are well over 11,000. Loser has to buy dinner (which is freaking not cheap in this country!) and I can tell you it won't be me  . . .