Intro: How to take the trip of a lifetime on just $25 a day

*Note: I know my grammar is cringe worthy at the best of times so I'm apologizing in advance for it*

Oh Instagram, every few milliseconds someone on the planet posts another epic travel photo that just begs for my double tap. Usually I find myself spending way too much time staring at these photos and dreaming of my next big escape. I know I'm not the only one.  However, most of us snap back to reality, wipe the drool off our faces, and talk ourselves out of such an impractical trip. A one week vacay to the Caribbean sounds much safer.  Too many of us write off our travel dreams because the length of time off work or the money required seems impossible.

Now I don't know what to tell you regarding time off work, 'cause you gotta sort out your own priorities. Would you be willing to quit your job for the trip of a lifetime? For my boyfriend and I, the answer was an unwavering YES! For us it seemed like the perfect time to embark on a long term trip because we're young and haven't settled down yet, so why not? 

Going on an extended trip, is not so far from reach as many Americans think. Does it require some planning? Yes. Some budgeting? Hell yes. However, it's actually quite doable if you know the right resources, are willing to get your hands dirty (literally, I'll explain later), and commit to that shit. How do I know? Because I just spent the last 5 months traveling through New Zealand with my boyfriend and we were able to do it on just $25 per day!! 

Want to know how we did it? 

I'll tell ya . . . . . in my next post. :) 

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