Brown Butter Cookies

When you're the new kid on the block and your friend count is still well under 10 . . . you embark on baking adventures to fill you wide open weekend schedule and that empty void in your homesick heart.  

These brown butter cookies ( recipe here ) really do help to cheer you up. I didn't stuff mine with Nutella but instead just shoved a whole bar of dark chocolate up in it and sprinkled with sea salt just before baking. 

When it comes to cookies I like to under bake mine and let them rest on the tray for 5-10 minutes (depending on my self restraint). I love a good gooey cookie and this also ensures that any leftovers will be deliciously chewy the next day.

P.S. Did I mention Chris and I just bought a car? Freedom! I mean don't get me wrong biking everywhere and taking the bus was working out  . . . it just meant we ended up not doing most the things we set out to do because: a. You have to allot a minimum of 2 hours for going anywhere and b. we are lazy.  Woohoo, hello mini van! Complete with stick family of four sticker on the back.

(*Raises cookie*) So here's to actually getting things done and maybe some weekend adventures!