Love birds Liz + Cricker tie the knot!

One of my besties tied the knot last weekend!! 

It was a gorgeous little DIY wedding on the breath taking sound front property Liz grew up on. 

It was absolutely stunning!!!

Not only did I have the privilege of being a bridesmaid but also their wedding photographer as well. 


Please visit here for the full password protected gallery.

Intro: How to take the trip of a lifetime on just $25 a day

*Note: I know my grammar is cringe worthy at the best of times so I'm apologizing in advance for it*

Oh Instagram, every few milliseconds someone on the planet posts another epic travel photo that just begs for my double tap. Usually I find myself spending way too much time staring at these photos and dreaming of my next big escape. I know I'm not the only one.  However, most of us snap back to reality, wipe the drool off our faces, and talk ourselves out of such an impractical trip. A one week vacay to the Caribbean sounds much safer.  Too many of us write off our travel dreams because the length of time off work or the money required seems impossible.

Now I don't know what to tell you regarding time off work, 'cause you gotta sort out your own priorities. Would you be willing to quit your job for the trip of a lifetime? For my boyfriend and I, the answer was an unwavering YES! For us it seemed like the perfect time to embark on a long term trip because we're young and haven't settled down yet, so why not? 

Going on an extended trip, is not so far from reach as many Americans think. Does it require some planning? Yes. Some budgeting? Hell yes. However, it's actually quite doable if you know the right resources, are willing to get your hands dirty (literally, I'll explain later), and commit to that shit. How do I know? Because I just spent the last 5 months traveling through New Zealand with my boyfriend and we were able to do it on just $25 per day!! 

Want to know how we did it? 

I'll tell ya . . . . . in my next post. :) 

*p.s. Just a side note here. Now until the end of the month I'm having a sale!! 15% off all prints from my store!

It's about damn time

Yes, I realize that there has been a huge lull in my blog posts. This is due to a series of unfortunate events that began with my hard drive crashing and ended (so far) with my laptop getting rained on. Luckily, all my files were saved but unfortunately I lost all my software and am currently operating off a trial version of photoshop :(.

Back to the cool stuff. So the first few photos were taken in Piha directly west of Auckland and apparently the most dangerous beach in New Zealand. 

After Piha we trekked it on down to the Taranaki area where the surf has been plentiful. So plentiful and awesome in fact that we've put off leaving 3 times now. One of these days we will make it to the South Island but for now we're pretty content.  

 Multi-tasking, doing the dishes while sneaking in a little surf check. 

Multi-tasking, doing the dishes while sneaking in a little surf check. 

About a week after arriving into the area Chris and I stumbled upon a retro twin fin surf contest going on at one of the local beach breaks. The "Tinnies and Twinnies Contest" (tinnies meaning beer that comes in a can) was basically just an excuse for all the locals to get dressed up in their most retro attire, pound down some sausages and beer, and just enjoy a fun day with friends at the beach. Chris entered and we ended up meeting some pretty awesome people. 

We finally did manage to write up a few postcards for the fam back home . . .

Have I mentioned the number of farm animals here well outnumber the people?

Also, remember that Rummy Card game from my first post? Well that has turned into a ruthless ongoing game which won't come to it's conclusion until the end of our trip. Currently, it's neck and neck and our points are well over 11,000. Loser has to buy dinner (which is freaking not cheap in this country!) and I can tell you it won't be me  . . . 

A Kiwi Christmas + New Years

I've been feeling particularly lazy and don't have much too say. However, I will say that the last two weeks have been some of the best thus far. 

Christmas in Waipu consisted of pure gluttony, waterfalls, mince tarts, and right hand beach breaks. Followed by New Years in the Far North! Woohoo!

After our time in Waipu we hop-scotched up to the Far North and rang in the New Years  at the tippy top of New Zealand (where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific). 

When you give a duck a peanut butter sandwich . . .

When you give a duck a peanut butter sandwich  . . .

you quickly learn to never do that again, unless you want a troupe of about 25 ducks (with 4 or 5 feisty seagulls thrown in the mix) start haggling you for more. Seriously, no toes are safe.

Our first WWOOFing spot landed us in Omaha. Ironically enough, it turns out our hosts are commercial photographers. The last two weeks have been spent nestled on the top of a large hill with a sweeping view overlooking Omaha Beach and Point Wells. Its been rainy and windy for about 90% of our stay but we did sneak in a few surfs at Daniel’s Reef and gorged ourselves on seriously the most delicious gelato in New Zealand.

Arrival to the Land of Kiwis and Tent Times

I’ve really been putting off this post. As much as I thought I would be excited to take pictures and post about them before I left for NZ, I’ve found that since being here that’s actually one of the last things I want to do. Mainly because I feel like my images are not giving this area justice but I've also been dreading the thought of writing up this post because that requires me to sit behind my computer instead of being outside and taking in all this beautiful Kiwi air.

After arriving in Auckland late at night, we woke up early the next morning to try and knock out all of the more boring/annoying things that had to be done upon arrival (aka. finding a car, setting up a bank account, etc.) We spent several HOURS walking in circles and got absolutely nothing accomplished. Long story short, we did finally stop walking in circles, ended up renting an awesome beater car decked out with camping gear and I STILL have not solved my international banking issues (le sigh). 


We spent the next few nights camping at an awesome little reserve called Tawharanui (pr. Ta-phra-nui), where rolling hills of sheep met mini rocky, crescent-moon beaches, and lots of little birds. It was here that we snuck in our first small surf session at Comets Rock. 

Along with taking a few photos and videos on this trip I’ve decided to start taking (almost) daily sound clips of the things Chris and I are experiencing and our random conversations with each other.  Enjoy.

Time in Ferrum

For those of you who don't know (because I certainly didn't before I went there), Ferrum is a tiny little town in the mountains of Virgina. It's a place I would have never ever visited (because ya know . . . its not the beach) but did anyway because one of my dearest friends just moved there and has the most adorable little cottage tucked away from the rest of the world.

Any who, during a brief (and I mean we got maybe 200 feet before I made us stop) hike we came across this really pretty field with the sun hitting it just perfectly. Amongst all the weeds were seed pods filled with these fun whimsical-looking, fluffy seeds which once released would float carelessly away with the breeze. So of course I made Liz and her man get about waist deep in the weeds and repeatedly throw the little seeds in the air until I felt I had somewhat got the shot.

There may or may not be a short film to go along with this shoot, we will just have to wait and see!

To view more of the images from this shoot click here!

Almond Macaroons with Chocolate Almond Ganache Dipped in Dark Chocolate (short film!)

So I know what you're thinking.

These cookies are u-g-l-y.

While we were piping these bad boys onto parchment they had more than a little resemblance to mini turds.

BUT, that is besides the point because THESE Cookies! AHH!!

Are so damn delicious.


This was my first attempt at making these macaroons and despite their lack luster appearance they are seriously some the most delicious little pieces of heaven. (I'm sure with a little more practice we can get them to look as pretty as they taste.) Biting into one of these cookies is like biting into a little chocolate covered cloud.


(Hold on, let me just have a minute alone with this bowl of sweetened stiff peaks. Salmonella be damned)


I know they may look complicated but I Promise you they are actually pretty easy to make. As long as you are willing to get a tiny bit of an arm workout (those of you with only a whisk or hand mixer) and don't burn the chocolate then you're golden.


*One thing I learned the hard way with this recipe if you pull them out of the oven a little early they will fall in on themselves. This recipe called for 10 minutes but ours were a little bigger and took a little longer than that.


This recipe was from The View from the Great Island. (psst. click there)

Thanks to Jenn Gordon of This Will Be Colorful for helping me with this recipe, styling, and who's pretty little hands are the ones you see working all the kitchen magic in this short film.

What if

   As I brainstorm of ways to get my work discovered, the cool ideas I come up with are almost always followed by the thought "what if I'm not good enough" or "they probably won't like it". How do you truly know if your work is good enough to be sought after by professionals to help market their business? Ahh! THIS is where I'm stuck, stuck deep down in the mud.

Anyways, here's an outtake from a fun shoot last Fall.