Extreme Peanut Buttery-Cake and The Happiest of Birthdays

As Americans, we're born into a world where the peanut butter & chocolate combo is king.  It's practically injected into our systems at birth (ok, so I'm exaggerating a little bit here but for the expats reading this post y'all know how the rest of the world views us Americans and our peanut butter). 

So when it comes to birthdays, you can pretty much bet that the big PB&C will be making a grand appearance somewhere.

This year it's in the form of cake. Yes cake.


Cake that was whipped up using a severely cracked measuring cup, a colander as a sifter, a crock pot for a mixing bowl, a 1960's Sunbeam Mixmaster, one cake pan, and one spring form pan of different sizes.

Ghetto baking at its finest. Don't judge me. 


Over the last few weeks I'd been deliberating over EXACTLY how I wanted to execute this cake. Seriously, have you seen just how many types of just PLAIN Chocolate cake there are out there? Now try frosting with peanut butter in it. I mean, while I'm sitting on my butt right now typing up this post I can think of like 10 different ways of crafting up a cake with chocolate and peanut butter in it!! 

As a girl who doesn't really know her way around cakes (cause cookies and brownies are more my thing ya dig?) I was a little worried that the combination of my makeshift baking tools and half-assed attempt at measuring/then carving out a 1/2 cup of butter from the 500 gram blocks you buy here in New Zealand was going to land me with a less-than-stoked tasting cake. 

So wanna know how this chocolate cake with swirls of crunchy au-natural pb, chocolate/pb frosting, topped with some lightly salted peanuts to finish turned out?


 Well I found out that I didn't have quite enough batter to fill one of my cake pans, so one layer was pretty thin. Ha. Also, it needed some chocolate chips because Chris and I both felt we were lacking chocolatey-ness but overall it was a tasty cake.  

SO don't think I'll be posting any recipe for this cake YET. Just feast with your eyes for now. IF you would like some inspiration for your next cake I highly suggest having a drool over these master pieces:

The Sugar Hit's LUSH CHOCOLATE MILO CAKE. Umm, hello sexy!!