I have no comment . . .

Let me just preface this whole post by mentioning that the baking gods hold some type of grudge against me when it comes to making biscuits. 

My biscuit making history has been written off as fail after epic fail.

After every fail I write off these fluffy yummy nuggets as something I will just never be able to make for myself and sulk about it for a few months.

Until . . .  one day I get this great idea to try my hand at making biscuits, because ya know, how many times can a girl fail at this? Well, the answer is . . .

Many. Many. Many times. 

But I never learn that lesson. This time I was so sure of the recipe. I went through the process of making the dough. Screwed NOTHING UP. Was so pumped because THIS WAS IT!

Everything was going so well, the sausage'n gravy was coming along nicely and I could see the biscuits rising . . . and smoking . . .

and then the butter fire started.   Yes. 


I managed to pull out my biscuits seconds before they were engulfed in flames. We had a full on fight with the smoke detector but 15 minutes later order was restored. 

No, we did not burn down the apartment. Yes, I may have put too much butter in the biscuits. 

*Note I didn't include any photos of the biscuits'n gravy because:

 A. Despite it tasting delicious, the combo scarily resembled dog puke B. I'm saving the honor for the day I truly master THE BISCUIT! 

So instead, I hope you enjoy these totally random photos from the weekend.