No Cookie Cutter Weddings Here!

So you want your wedding to stand out from the six others your friends will be attending this year but not quite sure how to make it pop? 

Start with what’s special about the two of you. Are you both pizza freaks? Do you have an obsession with strange and exotic board games?

The best way to avoid a cookie cutter wedding is to incorporate the things that define your style and personality as a couple. Here are some ideas to help get your brain a-thinkin’ so that you can rock the socks off your big day.

*Note as a huge foodie you may find that a lot of these pertain to food #sorrynotsorry

1.    Let Them Eat Cake! Err I mean Cannolis, Let Them Eat Cannolis! Just about everyone does a wedding cake. Don’t get me wrong, cake is a classic and timeless tradition but if you’re looking to spice things up try scrapping the cake for something a bit less old school.  Dream up your favourite sweet treat and make it the centerpiece of dessert! If you happen to be from New Jersey/New York or just love Italian desserts, try cannolis! They’re less messy than cake and easier to feed each other with. Another example would be having a s’mores table where your guests can make their own! Or try little dessert cups filled with tiramisu, strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, trifle, or pavlova, the list goes on!

2.    Hilarious Groomsmen Socks.  There are tons of cool socks out there these days with fun/funky designs.  My boyfriend has a pair that comes halfway up his calves with little waves on them. A cool idea is to get your groomsmen each a funky pair of socks and get a photo of all of the guys with their pants pulled up showing them off. What’s great about these is that they easily hide under their pants, keeping their look still formal for the ceremony.

3.    Get a Pizza Oven Yo! If you’re a freak about pizza then how sick would it be to have a pizza oven/bad ass pizza connoisseur at your wedding pumping out fresh hot pizzas!! It may be a bit out there but holy crap would the pizza taste oh-so-fine and your guests would be well pleased! When I get married this is going on the must have list! If you have a smaller outdoor wedding this would work perfectly for you, as you could serve the pizza as an appetizer or main.

4.    Cigar Bar. At one wedding I photographed, the groom was really into his cigars and so during cocktail hour there was a cool lounge area with signature cigars set up for their guests to enjoy with a beverage.

5.    Food Truck Mania. Another cool idea for foodies and those with an outside wedding is to have your local food trucks role up and serve your guests apps, especially if there are any ones that have a cool vibe about them. There’s one local food truck I've seen pop up at a few weddings recently who serve burgers out of a graffiti truck.  It definitely provides an eccentric, funky atmosphere to cocktail hour.

6.    Have an epic entrance/getaway vehicle. If you’ve had a look at my work or even at the top of this page, you’ll see that I just recently photographed a couple who made the entrance to their reception on a freaking motorcycle!! How bad ass is that?!! This was definitely something that made their big day stand out as everyone “oooh’d “and “aww’d” at their approach.

7.    Pre-ceremony cocktail anyone? Get the party started early with a signature cocktail drink for your guests to enjoy as they wait for the ceremony to begin.

8.    Have surprise entertainment.  Hire some type of unique entertainment to show up during the reception to surprise your guests. For example, at one wedding I shot the couple were huge Mountaineer fans. As a surprise to them, the bride’s parents hired a performer to come dressed up as a Mountaineer during a special song and put on a hilarious dance for everyone. Alternatively, you could hire a fire dancer or popular local musician to stop by for a real wow factor.

9.    Late Night Munchies. What’s the best way to soak up booze and the perfect end to Every night out? Late night snack food of course! Just when your guests think all of the surprises are over, wham! Out come gourmet french fries, hot from the fryer! Or adorable shot glasses filled with milk and cookies alongside. Maybe a popcorn machine is more your style. Get creative! It’s hard to go wrong with any sort of late night munchies.


So have a think and get started making your wedding fantastically EPIC!


Did you have something totally unique featured at your wedding? Share your stories with me I’d love to hear!